Introduction: Starting the project


Hello Slayers! First, I have to say that this is merely a fan project for fans, no official thing.

About the game , Slayers RPG is a classic RPG that is influenced by old school games, like: Earthbound, Pokemon, Slayers game for the SNES (Super Nintendo), etc. Now you know what to expect, like super bosses, normal enemies, hidden places, hidden treasures and all those things; mainly based on the ANIME Slayers.


About the story, the first part of this game is based on the first season, Slayers, starting when Lina knows Gourry, to Shabranigdu battle. Adding extra things, as mentioned before, other ways, other enemies, hidden passages, etc., it doesn’t have any sense if it just take the main story.

Speaking of characters, yes, the main ones: Lina , Gourry , Ameria and Zel, including antagonists: Zel (early), Rezo and Ruby Eyes Shabranigdu.

The skills are the same you already know, just consider the RPG mechanics: get more powers as you level up, you do not start completely.

There is an Equipment, which obviously come to improve the defense, attack, and all sorts of things that can upgrade the stats of the characters.

Adding some more, you have to know the essential things, such as having potions, regeneration things and other items, to avoid deaths, also the "Leveling", which consists in defeating enemies and gaining experience, if you are not familiar with the RPG: leveling up makes you go balanced against bosses, if you are so many levels dow than him, practically will be a little impossible.

Weak Parts

The tool that that im working with, is RPG Maker: a tool for create your own RPG game. Knowing this, the main things that affect the development are:
  • Animations: it have the default animation from the tool: fire, lightning, etc, these aren’t mine.
  • Details: considering that you can add more stuff to the maps and scenarios, it becomes a little more complicated, because of the lack of sprites, I just own a little.

It should say that I am not a professional but I try to do my best , all I have to perfection are my ideas !.


Do you have any idea? Can you help? Welcome!, it would save more time and finish faster.

Just contact me:
Share it!

Like the idea? Share with your friends and other communities in order to gain a little more support. I will appreciate that!


The game is completely free!
Unfortunately I do not have a realease date , I have other jobs that also take time, all I can say is that I will finish it soon! I will update this blog for you to have a news feed.

Little progress...

It is planned to make an introduction as shown in the image, where the basics are explained, do not worry, later continue with the main story.

There is background music and sounds extras interaction.

The home screen have the original song by Megumi Hayashibara -Get Along! To give more sense…

Well , I say goodbye for now! Hope you liked it!

Len Inverse

Lennon Dalí. Gamer. Semi-programmer. Metal music lover. Fuzzy Pickler. Beginner Artist. Huge Slayers fan and enthusiast. Working on Slayers games.

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