Back to work!

Back to work!

Hi Slayers!

After stopping development because university, I'm back.

Ignoring the fact that I will have low grades xD I will continue in game development, having more time to finish the game quickly, but I think I would need some time to finish, remembering that the personal its just me :/

I canceled the demo because it would take a little more time and effort, plus, it would not be the gameplay, but something generic that can suffer drastics changes to the final version.

-Date?: None yet, depends on my time and your patience.

Maybe later I think of anything to write here, now I'm going to do my job xD

PS: Remember that I am beginner, please dont think in high expectations     (O_O "), it will be an RPG with basics mechanics and using RPGMaker support. I need a lot of time for something great.

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Len Inverse

Lennon Dalí. Gamer. Semi-programmer. Metal music lover. Fuzzy Pickler. Beginner Artist. Huge Slayers fan and enthusiast. Working on Slayers games.

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