Updates! :)

Hello Slayers. I've been working on important aspects of the game, such as interfaces and other functionalities and I think I'm done and it is time to move forward with the main story.


-Types of weapons, armours and items.
-Assigning specific equipment for each character.
-Balanced equipment.
-More icons and menus.
-Battle results window.
-More details on the equipment and items menu.

-Gourry joins the party.


-Keep going with the story.
-Combo system in battles.

I have some images but they are in spanish. I will post them anyway, maybe you can understand something.

Len Inverse

Lennon Dalí. Gamer. Semi-programmer. Metal music lover. Fuzzy Pickler. Beginner Artist. Huge Slayers fan and enthusiast. Working on Slayers games.

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