Hi Slayers. The objective of this post is give you an announcement about the development of the game.

Three months have passes until the first beta test, it was good by the way, but now, I haven't work too much in the game. I have so much things to do *cough* college *cough*, and I don't have time.

I ask for your patience, especially for the beta testers. If you wanna be a tester just contact me.

About the beta 2.00, I have 60%, maybe. Sadly, this beta will not have the things I wanted to test. It will be kind of small...all because of time.


  • New permanent aspects of the game: UI's, icons, batttles, menus, etc.
  • Random encounters: probabilities, RNG.
  • Town Desing. Just DESIGN. Need to work how they will look.
This is everything. I just ask for your patience. Remember that I'm the only one who is working on this and I can't do everything at the same time. I will keep updating.

Thanks for your time :)

Len Inverse

Lennon Dalí. Gamer. Semi-programmer. Metal music lover. Fuzzy Pickler. Beginner Artist. Huge Slayers fan and enthusiast. Working on Slayers games.

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