Beta Test 2.00 [ENG]

Hello everyone! The beta test 2.00 is now ready (finally).

First of all, thanks to Gnite Productions for helping me with the english version!
Contact him:

Things to test:
  •    Icons
  •    Menu
  •    Battle system
  •    Animations
  •    Bestiary
  •    Quests
  •    Options
  •    Victory Aftermath
  •    Town design

If you wanna help me with the english version and want to be a tester, send mi an email to:

Downloads (just for testers)

If you didn't test the first version, you will need this:

Here's the game:

Len Inverse

Lennon Dalí. Gamer. Semi-programmer. Metal music lover. Fuzzy Pickler. Beginner Artist. Huge Slayers fan and enthusiast. Working on Slayers games.

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